New QuiXilver Security White Paper

We have released the new QuiXilver Security White Paper. QuiXilver is a cloud-based application platform for collaboration and information sharing. As such, security is very important; security is designed into the solution and security policies are observed in the development process as well as in the daily operations.

QuiXilver Security White Paper

The main goal of security is to guard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. The prevention of unauthorized access and manipulation of data is key.

This white paper describes how security aspects are addressed in QuiXilver as well as by Vigience as the SaaS-provider of QuiXilver on all relevant levels:

  • Secure Data Storage
  • Access Control
  • Secure Deployment & Operations
  • Secure Software
  • Audits

Please read the white paper for more details or also contact us directly if you have any additional questions.